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Compound Analysis » Compound Libraries Software, Compound Analysis Reference Materials, Compound Analysis Research Services, Kits, Databases

Discovery Software » Proteomics Software, Genetic Engineering Software, Protein Expression / Purification Software, Microarray Software, HCS Software, Mass Spectrometry Software , Next Generation Sequencing Software, SNPs Software

Gas Chromatography » Recording Equipment, Systems, Software, Components, Column Accessories, Detectors, GC Research Services, Supplies, Columns, GC / MS

High Throughput Screening » HTS Assays, HTS Research Services, HTS Software, HTS Reagents/Consumables, HTS Readers/Detectors, HTS Robotic Workstations

Homogenizers & Grinders » Crushers and Grinders, Grinders, Blenders, Mills, Crushers

HPLC & UHPLC » HPLC Pumps, Services, HPLC Software and Recording Equipment, HPLC Column Accessories, Column Packing Material, Detectors, HPLC Systems, HPLC Columns, HPLC Accessories and Components

Infrared / FTIR » Infra-Red (IR), FTIR

LC-MS » Software, Recording Equipment, LC (Low and Medium Pressure)

Liquid Handling » 1-8 Channel, 1536 Multichannel, Ultra Low Volume Dispensing, 384 Multichannel, Microplate Systems, 3456 Multichannel, Liquid Handling Verification/Quality Control (QC), 96 Multichannel

Mass Spectrometry » Secondary Ion (SIMS), Gas Analysis, Isotope Ratio, Elemental Analysis, Quadrupole, ICP-MS, Time of Flight (TOF), Magnetic Sector, Mass Spectrometry Software , Fourier Transform, Ion Trap, Accessories

Medicinal Chemistry » Medicinal Chemistry Standards, Medicinal Chemistry Services, ADME-Toxicology, Lab on a Chip, Combinatorial Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry Buffers , Medicinal Chemistry Solvents, Medicinal Chemistry Research Services, Microarray, Chemicals, Compound Libraries, Medicinal Chemistry Reagents

Microarray Analysis » DNA Array, Accessories, Microarray Reference Materials, RNA Array, Microarray Scanner, Gene Array, Microarray Hybridization Kits, Microarray Software, Protein Array, Microarray Services, Microarray Systems, Microarray Slides

Microplate Readers / Detectors » Label Free Readers / Detectors, Gamma Counters, Fluorescence Polarization, Multimode Readers / Detectors, Absorbance Readers / Detectors, Nephelometry Readers / Detectors, TRF/TR-FRET Readers / Detectors, Hybrid Readers / Detectors, Scintillation Readers / Detectors, Fluorescence Intensity, Luminescence Readers / Detectors

Microplates » 3243 Microplate, SPE plates, UV plates, Tissue Engineering, PCR Plates, Filter Plates, Microplate Accessories, Strip Well, 672 Microplate, Glass Bottom Plates, Cell Culture Plates, 48 Microplate, Coated Plates, 96 Microplate , Storage Plates, 384 Microplate, Non-binding surface plates, 1536 Microplate, Clear Bottom Plates, Accessories, Solid Bottom Plates, 24 Microplate

NMR » FT-NMR, Software, NMR, NMR Research Services

Robotic Workstations » PCR Workstations, Cell Based Assay Workstations, Multi Application Workstations, HCS Workstations, Protein Crystallisation Workstations, Cell Culture Workstations, Sequencing Workstations, HTS, ELISA Workstations, DNA/Nucleic Acid Purification Workstations

Sample Management » Sample Management Equipment, Sample Environment and Enclosures, Accessories, Sample Management Services, Sample Storage and Retrieval Systems

Sample Preparation » Concentrators, Accessories, Mortars and Pestles, Ultrafiltration Equipment, Extraction, Blenders, Dialysis Membranes, Sieves, Presses, Lab, Apparatus, Microfiltration, Automation, Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME) , Evaporators, Sample Preparation, Sonicators, Sample Preparation Software, Distillation Equipment, Filters, Heat & Cool

SNPs » SNPs Typing, SNPs Research Services, SNPs Software, SNPs Kits

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) » Automation Accessories, SPE Services, SPE Manifolds, SPE Sorbents, Application Development Kits, SPE Disks, Automated Equipment, Cartridges, SPE Method Development, SPE systems, Training Programs, Vacuum Manifolds, Collecting Plates, Software, Extraction Plates, Reservoir Trays

UV / Visible » Visible, Refractometers and Accessories, Reflectance Spectroscopy, Luminometers, Diode Array, UV / Photoelectron Equipment, Flame Photometers, Software, Ultra-Violet - Visible (UV-Vis) Spectroscopy, Laser Spectroscopy, Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectroscopy, Spectrophotometers, Colorimeters


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