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SelectScience Opens Nominations for the 2015 Scientists’ Choice Awards Scientists Choice Awards, PittCon, Reviews9 Jan 2015Read
Don’t Miss these Life Sciences Highlights of 2014 Neuroscience, Scientists Choice Awards, Metabolomics23 Dec 2014Read
Norwich Research Park Receives £12.5M Investment for Next Generation of Scientists to Lead the Revolution in Bioscience Metabolomics, Food Testing, Environmental Contamination3 Oct 2014Read
Now, Researchers Can Tailor Make Their Own UV Viewing Systems Fluorescence, UV4 Sep 2014Read
VS20 WAVE Fully Integrated Gel Electrophoresis System Saves Time and Space Protein17 Feb 2014Read
SelectScience Opens Nominations for the Scientists' Choice Award for Best New Life Science Product of the Year 2013 Scientists Choice Awards6 Feb 2014Read
Protea Introduces the GPR-850 Gel Protein Recovery System Protein Expression, Microfluidics, Proteomics31 Jan 2014Read
Bio-Rad Launches New TGX™ FastCast™ and TGX Stain-Free™ FastCast™ Acrylamide Kits for Gel Electrophoresis Blotting29 Oct 2013Read
SelectScience Opens Nominations for Best Drug Discovery Product of the Year 2012 Scientists Choice Awards15 Jun 2012Read
The Science Behind the Olympics: SelectScience Exclusive Anti-Doping Science, Anti-Doping Science1 May 2012Read

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