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ZyGEM Corporation Limited (ZyGEM) is a biotechnology company with innovative platform technologies that have applications in a broad range of life sciences and industrial processes. The company is a world leader in identifying enzymes extracted from extremophiles - rare microorganisms from extreme environments - and using these for a wide range of applications.

In 2010 ZyGEM acquired MicroLab Diagnostics Inc., a private company developing microfluidic devices for rapid DNA testing. ZyGEM intends to market products integrating its unique DNA extraction and reagents and detection assays with the breakthrough microfluidic chip technology developed by MicroLab, which will operate as a business unit of the new company. These integrated new products will dramatically decrease the time, complexity and cost of conducting DNA testing and have transformational potential in a broad range of applications.

ZyGEM's current products have broad market applications that include:
Animal Livestock Genetic Testing / Traceability
Clincal / Human Diagnostics
Food Safety Testing
Life Science Research
Plant / Agronomics

ZyGEM focuses on high-value products for basic research, forensics, molecular diagnostics applications, environmental sustainability and agriculture. It produces innovative DNA extraction and detection products, as well as enzymes used in molecular biology, diagnostics and industrial applications. ZyGEM products have established a reputation for quality and innovation that provide important benefits to customers. For example, the company’s flagship DNA extraction and detection family of products significantly increases the speed, yield and accuracy of the analytic process. ZyGEM is adding new technologies, products and product line extensions to its offerings and is expanding its geographic and industry reach, resulting in increased revenues and a growing global customer base.

forensicGEM™ has been formulated for high-throughput DNA extraction from crime sampl...

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