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TwistAmp Basic RT, gel electrophore...
The Basic RT kit contains all the enzymes and reagents necessary for the amplification of RNA – all that has to be supplied by th...

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Ball Dispenser MICRO
Allows the rapid, regulated dispense of one MICRO-test ball into a TwistAmp® reaction tube for magnetic mixing. Re-usable precisio...

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TwirlaTM is a portable mixing incubator that prepares RPA reactions for end-point measurement. The TwirlaTM is small, light weight, and has...

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T16 Isothermal Device
The T-16 is an advanced isothermal instrument operating at a constant temperature and enables the next generation of diagnostic DNA/RNA amp...

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TwistAmp exo +Campylobacter, real-t...
Campylobacteriosis caused by Campylobacter species, is the major cause of bacterial food poisoning in the developed world. TwistAmp exo ...

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Company Profile

TwistDx Limited is a biotechnology company based in Cambridge, UK, and the provider of Recombinase Polymerase Amplification (RPA), a new isothermal DNA amplification and detection technology that is a breakthrough alternative to the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

RPA is capable of single molecule detection in 10-15 minutes using stable, lyophilised reagents. With increased speed, portability, simplicity of use and PCR-like sensitivity, RPA has become the DNA-based diagnostic platform of the future.

TwistDx makes RPA accessible to end-users in the form of TwistAmp™ kits. The kits are configured with options for electrophoresis, as well as fluorescent and lateral flow detection methods for DNA and RNA targets. TwistAmp™ kits contain all the reagents (apart from target-specific primers and probes) that researchers need to develop their own rapid, highly sensitive and specific RPA assays.

RPA is ideally suited to point-of-care diagnostics for applications including veterinary, food safety, biodefence, agriculture, water testing and clinical, to name just a few.