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Systec GmbH Labor-Systemtechnik was founded in 1994. It develops, manufactures and markets, laboratory autoclaves (steam sterilizers) and media preparators throughout the world. All of our
managers have over twenty years of experience in this sector.

Our goal
To utilize the results of intensive dialog with our customers to further develop our products and to incorporate relevant innovations in order to render steam sterilization in the laboratory simpler,
more precise, safer and more reproducible than ever before ??and all at a favorable price/benefit ratio for our customers.

Own development, design and production
In our own development department, our apparatuses are continuously developed and maintained at state-of-the-art status. Their modular design makes it possible to cover all standard and special applications in the area of laboratory steam sterilization. In addition, special customer requirements
can be taken into account; special processes can also be developed, tested and brought to marketing status.

Guaranteed quality
We maintain a Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, certificated by
DQS Germany. Production is according to relevant European standards, especially the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) and the USA regulation ASME.

Laboratory autoclaves for research and routine ??worldwide
Our autoclaves are primarily used in laboratories. We supply university laboratories, Max-Planck
institutes, Federal and State Research Institutions and other major research institutes, the
pharmaceutical and food industries, public health laboratories and private laboratories as well as
research institutes and companies within the biotechnology, gene technology and diagnostics

Our autoclaves have proven themselves thousands of times in these institutions. 

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