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Sysmex UF-1000i Automated Urine Par...
How much valuable time and effort do you spend in urinalysis attending centrifugation, preparing slides and visually reviewing sam...

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CA-560 Hemostasis System
The Sysmex CA-560 is a compact, fully-automated system featuring immunologic, coagulation and chromogenic measurements in true ra...

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XT-1800i Automated Hematology Analy...
The Sysmex XT-1800i Automated Hematology Analyzer utilizes the power of fluorescent flow cytometry and hydrodynamic focusing technologies. ...

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Sysmex TS-2000
Increased productivity and world-class reliability The Sysmex TS-2000 is a high-end intelligent tube sorter for bar coded sample tubes wi...

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Sysmex HST-NTM Total Hematology Aut...
The Sysmex HST-N automation platform includes a combination of a rack-based track system,Sysmex® XE-Series hematology instruments and the S...

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Company Profile

The global success of Sysmex products has developed from the reputation they have acquired for quality and reliability. In the haematology field, this has resulted in the company being ranked second in terms of world market share. The UK has an international reputation as a centre of excellence in this discipline; and such high standards produce discerning customers. We are therefore particularly proud to have experienced exceptional success over recent years, and are determined to maintain this momentum by continuing to provide our customers with the highest quality of support.