ProtoCOL 3 is the next generation instrument for colony counting, zone measurements ...

Protos 3 – automated colony counting and chromogenic identification system. Prot...

  aCOLyte 3 HD is the latest affordable, automated colony counting device...

Chromogenic ID – colour recognition module to make the analysis of chromogenic agars...

Statistical analysis UNISTAT® bioassay analysis software has been ...

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Synbiosis is a world leading supplier of automated colony counters and zone measurement systems for any microbiology application.

The hallmark of all Synbiosis systems is their outstanding automation, which is guaranteed to improve both the throughput and accuracy of your results and in turn the productivity of your laboratory. Our strength is our versatility and our products can be used in a wide range of laboratories covering food and environmental monitoring right through to clinical and pharmaceutical applications. This is because all our systems are designed to adhere to GLP and the software behind the systems can be easily integrated into a 21 CFR Part 11 environment.

We can also provide extensive IQ/OQ/PQ validation information so that you can ensure you comply with GMP and your results meet even the most rigorous accreditation checks or regulatory requirements.

You can use a Synbiosis automated system in any of the following:
Environmental monitoring, Food monitoring, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Clinical microbiology, Molecular biology

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