Premade, adenoviral vectors for strong transgene expression.

Premade, validated shRNA-adenoviral vectors with guaranteed knockdown of selected ta...

Easy to use system for purification of adenoviral particles. Reproducibly high yield...

Patent pending BAC technology guarantees fast time lines resulting in less than 6 we...

TransMAX is a peptide-based solution to enhance uptake of adenovirus and increase tr...

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Company Profile

SIRION BIOTECH is a technology leader in the field of functional gene analysis and cell models for basic research, drug and compound development. The company serves leading European and Japanese Drug and Biotech companies as a provider of latest technologies for them to advance identification of novel compounds and target validation. Very soon will there be US-based clients upon SIRION BIOTECH opening its US office.

Given its founding in late 2006, SIRION BIOTECH is growing strongly as it is changing the paradigm of cell modelling with its key competencies in unmatched viral vector technologies for both RNAi and overexpression (Oex).

• Enjoy knockdown rates of about 90% with SIRION BIOTECH’s in-house validation system screens for high-performance shRNA sequences
• Benefit from pre-clinical study cycles shortened by 25% with advanced cell models
• Impress with inducible gene expression (“Tet-on” and “Tet-off”) in cell systems from a client’s cDNA/shRNA-sequence to a stable cell pool in less than 6 weeks
• Immortalized primary human cells are now in reach to conduct assay development, target- and drug screening.

Have SIRION Biotech consultants assist you with their profound experience.
Use SIRION Biotech's 30 years of expertise in successfully modifying your cells towards better performance: Delivering any gene to any cell.

Benefits to SIRION BIOTECH clients are multifold:

• Consultants stand ready to make the clients’ advances in target validation and compound screening happen. They are molecular and cell biologists with sound expertise in virology and cancer biology from leading European schools
• Unique off-the-shelf reagents can easily be ordered that massively increase the efficiency of adenovirus and lentivirus gene transfer be it for higher knockdowns or over-expression

SIRION BIOTECH is based in Munich, Germany in the center of an excellent scientific infrastructure and biotech competence network. Its investors like Creathor Venture, Bayern Kapital, KfW and HTGF are holding equity in many other biotech companies as well thus providing thorough leadership and growth expertise.


Am Klopferspitz 19
82152 Planegg/Martinsried
+49-89-120172 - 22
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