Randox Laboratories Ltd.

Randox Laboratories Ltd. is a privately owned diagnostic reagent and equipment manufacturer and the leading British manufacturer of clinical chemistry reagents. Randox has over 25 years experience in research, development, manufacture and marketing of high quality diagnostic reagents and equipment for laboratory medicine.

The Randox portfolio includes the revolutionary Biochip Array Technology for application in genomics and proteomics, clinical chemistry automation systems, external quality assurance schemes, internet driven QC systems, quality control materials, clincial reagents and environmental diagnostics. The life sciences department offers a range of polyclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins, and the customer service team offers an assay development service. Randox is a significant investor in the development of new healthcare technology solutions.

Randox employs over 700 people, including 200 research scientists. Randox's success has been built on our philosophy - "we exist and expand through our customers".

Randox has sales and distribution agreements in 130 countries and international offices worldwide.