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FV1200 Super-Resolution Software Mo...
Go beyond the resolution capabilities of 3D confocal laser scanning microscopy with FV-OSR (Olympus Super Resolution), a new sof...

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BX51-P Polarizing Microscope
The BX51P polarizing microscope is an investigative tool for the identification of isotropic and anisotropic materials, forensic ...

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FV1200 Biological Confocal Laser Sc...
The new Olympus FV1200 combines the accuracy of the IX83 frame with enhanced fluorescence sensitivity and laser stimulation of cells: The n...

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VivaView Fl Incubator Fluorescence ...
Features and Benefits Ideal time-lapse imaging inside an incubator Parallel time-lapse observation of eight dishes Elimi...

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BX61 Motorized Research Microscope
The Olympus BX61 Motorized Research Micrscope is a fully motorized research microscope built on the platform of the traditional upright fra...

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Company Profile

At Olympus, we are focused on improving people’s lives every day. We do this through innovation. As a precision technology leader, we design and deliver innovative solutions in our core business areas: Medical and Surgical Products, Life Science Imaging Systems, Industrial Measurement and Imaging Instruments and Cameras and Audio Products.

Our products are used to capture images of our world from the microscopic to the panoramic. They’re instrumental in furthering scientific research, travel inside the human body to help diagnose, treat and prevent illness, and document your life with artistic freedom.

Most of all, we’re dedicated to helping people enjoy the continuum of life. Since 1919, Olympus has developed innovative technology solutions that contribute positively to society. Our commitment to customers and our social responsibility are the cornerstone of everything we do.