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NanoLiter LLC seeks investment to exploit our breakthrough in MS liquid handling. Our IP for 100% efficient ESI liquid and LC/MS sample introduction, liquid placement and viscous liquid (blood, agent) handlin,g with feature manufacturing capabilities, is revolutionizing MS, analytical, clinical and forensic chemistry and manufacturing.
Nanoliter "owns" the future of simple laboratory liquid handling devices, as over a decade we deliberately developed IBF technology that can be appended to many successful low technology devices at the profit core of very successful firms that sell microliter syringes, pipettes and pumps of all types. Those very successful products can now be morphed into devices with new attributes, becoming non-touch uL or nL dispensers, or non-touch uL or nL dispensers, which treat liquids or introduce samples into instruments/targets of all types, including humans. The same technique can make interesting products of various types for countless applications across many markets. These devices include new non-touch viscous liquid handling microliter-nanoliter pipettes, microliter-nanoliter syringes and microliter-nanoliter pumps with new expendable tips.
NanoLiter LLC, a Henderson, NV LLC, was founded six years ago. Nanoliter sells nanoliter products, fluidic integration services, contract R&D and licenses. NanoLiter has core partners in manufacturing and EE in California, Washington and suppliers in the far east. We offer affordable IBF nanoLiter Cool Wave® dispensers and MS introduction, viscous and other liquid handling technology. We offer selective consulting for special clients. Our devices are the only ones in the world that can place 100% of liquid samples into ESI/MS's, MS/MS's, IMS's and many other instruments. The SAME DEVICE yields excellent, high sensitivty MALDI depostions. These precise, small crystal depositions produce major (10x to 100X, literally and that is not hyperbole) increases in MALDI, SIMS and LDI sensitivity. The SAME DEVICE is patented for handling or dispensing viscous liquids non-touch to targets of all types including: whole human blood; serum; other bodily fluids. It is also patented for LC/MALDI and ESI/LC/MS sample introduction and tissue MALDI. IBF has great utility in medical, forensic and other areas including dispensing some glues. nanoLiter LLC also offers fluidic integration services and licenses and applications like low cost tissue MALDI. We also sell non-touch nanoliter syringes and tips, pipettes and tips, and IBF pumps.
Our MS Background,History And Evolution in GC/MS, ICP/MS, LC/MS/MS and MS sample introduction via IBF.,
nanoLiter protects it's IP though normal legal routes (relative attorney) and via the assignment of limited enforcement rights to IP firms, litigatory enemies of the infriger and via other paths that are effectively free in Nevada, California and elsewhere in the USA.

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