JULABO Temperature Controllers, -100ºC to +400ºC, fulfill temperature-dependent measurement, co...

JULABO shaking water baths, +20ºC to +99.9ºC, with seamless, splash-water protected keypad offe...

The TW series, +20ºC to +99.9ºC, offers high-quality water baths with MICROPROCESSOR technology and ...

JULABO Immersion Coolers, -90ºC to +30ºC, are primarily used for counter-cooling when connected...

The Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems Presto and Magnum, 91ºC to 250ºC, are the perfect sol...

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JULABO's a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of fluid temperature control baths and circulators.

Julabo offers a very broad product line ranging from Refrigerated & Heating Circulators/baths from -95?C to +200ºC, Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems for reactors from -90ºC to +400ºC, Water Baths from +20ºC to +99ºC, Chillers from -25ºC to +150ºC with up to 10kW cooling power, Temperature Calibration Baths from -30ºC to +300ºC and Temperature Laboratory Controllers.

All of Julabo's products come with a TWO-Year Warranty and customer support throughout the world. The instruments offer faster cool down times, smaller footprints, quiet operation, digital and analog interfaces, external temperature measurement & control and nationwide coverage for preventative maintenance agreements and/or service plans.

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