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Designed to maximise your laboratory's productivity, PolyBLOCK is an easy to use, flexible and compact multi-reactor system. W...

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The AutoLAB has been design by chemists for chemists and features a range of innovations to make it easy-to-use, to reduce trainin...

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Adiabatic Calorimeter
The Phi-TEC I is a computer-controlled adiabatic calorimeter that can be used to determine the heat evolved and pressure developed during ...

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The FlowCAT delivers high pressure flow chemistry in a compact, bench top unit. The flexible design allows screening, optimization and sca...

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CAT Block
HEL's simplist catalyst screening system, the CAT blocks, are complete units for hydrogenation and other high pressure reactions. CAT...

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Company Profile

HEL's motto is better chemistry - faster; our products are designed to enable research chemists to achieve their goals faster, more accurately and more efficiently.

Operating internationally, HEL is a company that specialises in research and pre-pilot scale chemical reactors and systems. We provide both automated and manual tools for process R&D to clients in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as in academia.

Originally established in 1987 purely as a consultancy, the company has grown to include a complete team of chemists and chemical engineers, working from our fully equipped testing facility in the UK. Innovation and new product development are ingrained in HEL's culture, and our specialist software development team with now over 20 years' of automation and control experience, is continually improving the most powerful and chemist friendly software available.

Qualified employees, modern production procedures and technologies as well as quality control are the basis for our outstanding products and services.