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Harvard Apparatus manufactures the gold standard pumping mechanisms for calibrating your MS or injecting samples using ESI into a MS. Also Harvard Apparatus has a sample preparation group with a complete line of products for de-salting before the MS, removing surfactants, Isolating small molecules or desalting pre TOF.

Harvard Apparatus was founded in 1901 by Dr. William T. Porter of the Harvard Medical School. Harvard Apparatus developed a name not only for quality but also for innovation. Harvard Apparatus invented the mechanical syringe pump in the 1950s and introduced the first microprocessor controlled syringe pumps in the 1980s. Today Harvard Apparatus continues this tradition with the most advanced, easiest-to-use programmable syringe pumps, the PHD 2000 series. Harvard Apparatus also developed first volume controlled- and then pressure-controlled ventilators, pulsatile blood pumps, transducers, amplifiers, recorders, glassware and many other specialized bioscience research products.

Harvard Apparatus is now part of the Harvard Bioscience family of companies. Harvard Bioscience is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of specialized products, primarily scientific instruments.

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