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PathHunter® Activated GPCR Internalization Assays provide a quantitative measurement of internali...

PathHunter® Total GPCR Endocytosis Assay provides a quantitative measurement of total GPCR protein ...

PathHunter™ ß-arrestin Assays are revolutionary high-throughput screening assays for monitoring G-pr...

Fast Antibody-free Alternative to Western Blot The PathHunter™ EAstern Blot Assay Kit offers a ne...

Overview & Description PathHunter™ Mitotic Index Assays are novel biosensor cell assays that uniq...

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DiscoveRx is a fast growing innovative company that develops, manufactures, and commercializes reagents and complete assay kits for the drug discovery and screening markets. Our products, which include both in vitro biochemical assays and cell-based assays, enable customers to improve research productivity and effectiveness, thus accelerating the discovery and development of new drugs.

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