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Corbett Life Science manages a group of biotechnology companies that design, manufacture and internationally distribute instrumentation systems for the life sciences. Since 1988, we have earned a reputation for innovative, versatile, robust, and easy-to-use products that generate strong customer loyalty.

  • Corbett Life Science comprises four operating units:
  • Corbett Research Pty Ltd (Sydney, Australia)
  • Corbett Research UK Ltd (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
  • Corbett Robotics Pty Ltd (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Corbett Robotics Inc (San Francisco, USA)

We are perhaps most recognized for developing the world's first rotary real-time DNA amplification system—the Rotor-Gene™. The Rotor-Gene is the most thermally and optically precise real-time analyzer available. It also features high-speed data capture and the broadest optical range of any real-time instrument and now High Resolution Melt (HRM) capability. The renowned Rotor-Gene software now supports the widest application set.

Our range of instrument systems has grown to include the next generation Rotor-Gene™6000 series real-time analyzers; CAS-1200™ Precision Liquid Handling Workstations, the X-tractor Gene™ fully-automated 96-well nucleic acid extraction system, the Palm-Cycler™ gradient thermal cycler with a palmtop computer interface, and the Gel-Scan™ 3000 automated DNA Sequencer and Fragment Analyzer.

Our positioning in the biotech manufacturing sector has enabled us to establish a reputation for continuous and rapid in-house innovation and product evolution.

By directly controlling all phases of production, we optimize quality control, minimize overhead costs and ensure the most rapid product development cycles. The performance of our products now equals or surpasses even our largest international competitors

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