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Fusion of proteins to Glutathione S-Transferase (GST) of Schistosoma japonicum is a ...

Chromobodies® - Your perfect reagents for cellular research including High-Content A...

GFP/RFP-Booster – enhance your fluorescent fusion protein ChromoTek’s Booster are ...

RFP -Trap® - use your fluorescence fusion as tag for biochemical studies Curiously...

GFP -Trap® - use your fluorescence fusion as tag for biochemical studies. Curious...

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ChromoTek GmbH is a biotechnological company with focus on the discovery and development of novel immunologic research tools for basic research and pharmaceutical drug development. Founded in 2008 as a spin-off of the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (LMU), ChromoTek is specialized in serving the needs of scientists around the world.

ChromoTek’s proprietary technology is based on recombinant antibody fragments derived from single-chain antibodies from Alpaca, so called VHH-fragments. Due to their extremely small size and high stability, VHH-fragments are ideally suited to recognize 3-dimensional target structures inaccessible for conventional antibodies. They can be applied for a wide range of methods and techniques in proteome analysis, high resolution microscopy or live cell assays. As a unique feature VHH-fragments are functional inside living cells where they detect and visualize endogenous target structures in real time by fusion with a fluorescent protein.

The Alpaca Antibody Advantage: Products and areas of application
- Nanotraps as reliable and laborsaving alternatives to conventional antibodies for proteome research. 
-  ChromoTek’s Booster are highly specific VHH fragments chemically labeled with the superior fluorescent dyes from ATTO-TEC. They reactivate, boost and stabilize the signals of fluorescent fusion proteins or can be used as directly labeled antibodies.
- Chromobodies® as diagnostic probes for High-Content Analysis (HCA) in the early stage of pharmaceutical drug development to target and trace endogenous structures in living cells.
- The F2H® assay for detection of reversible protein-protein interactions.

Nanotraps (e.g. the GFP-Trap®) are available coupled to immobilizing matrices. They reduce assay times in immunoprecipitation experiments up to 70%, at the same time producing much cleaner results than conventional antibodies. ChromoTek offers traps for a number of widely used protein tags, like GFP, RFP and GST as well as more specialized proteins like Dnmt1.
As to their small size and excellent stability VHH-fragments are ideally suited to recognize target structures inside of living cells, making them especially useful for HCA real time assays. Although HCA is used by all major drug developers, it is severely hampered by the fact that existing reagents cannot easily access intracellular compartments, i.e. the cells have to be fixed before analysis. As time course experiments with such end-point assays are extremely time consuming and only a limited number of samples can be analyzed per run, Chromobodies® are expected to have a major impact in the HCA field.
To complete the product portfolio, several conventional, monoclonal antibodies (for detection of denatured protein as in Western blots) are available.
Our Fluorescent 2- Hybrid Assay (F2H®) allows visualization of reversible protein interactions and screening for their inhibitors. By tethering a fluorescent bait at a defined cellular structure ChromoTek has generated a positional protein-protein interaction biosensor to assay for co-localization of fluorescent bait and prey proteins in living cells.

To round up our Alpaca Antibody Advantage toolboxes, we offer a dedicated selection of high quality conventional monoclonal antibodies to complement our products.

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