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Spark Holland OPTIMAS 84 Position Autosampler. OPTIMAS features our proven PASA ...

We have found the Schambeck Refractive Index Detector to work very well with our HPL...

Fraction Collector - 116 tube capacity for 10 to 16 mm tubes. Our fraction colle...

Filter Fluorescence Detector For HPLC - Customer to select wavelength. The new D...

We offer the Sanwatsusho degasser with our HPLC line for those who are dealing with ...

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Buck Scientific Inc. was founded in 1970 to provide third party field service for Perkin Elmer Instruments. During the next 14 years, Buck Scientific grew to include remanufactured instrumentation and representation of the Foxboro, Hitachi, Horiba, and GBC product lines. During this period, we also developed a line of price-competitive spectroscopy supplies for AA, IR, and UV instrumentation. In 1985, Buck Scientific acquired Lightpath Optical Company in England, a manufacturer of glass and quartz cuvettes.

Today, Buck Scientific offers a wide variety of new analytical instruments and supplies. We have grown into a multinational corporation with distributors in over 40 countries. We have established a reputation for affordable products with excellent analytical capabilities.

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