Bioscan Inc.

Bioscan is a leading developer of advanced instrumentation for the detection, synthesis, and imaging of Radiolabeled Compounds used in four areas…

•  Life Science Research
•  Molecular Imaging
•  Pharmaceutical Development
•  Nuclear Medicine

Bioscan is a leading provider of SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) and PET (Positron Emission Tomography) imaging systems for preclinical applications. Our tools enable researchers, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations to improve their drug development research using in vivo animal models.

Our patented technology improves screening of drug pipeline candidates over classic in vitro methods by providing more relevant biological data, more consistency, as well as reduced cost and complexity. The unique imaging acuity of our products also makes it possible to translate research results from mouse models of human diseases to human clinical trials – driving increased speed to market for drugs.

Bioscan is also a supplier of innovative instruments for radioisotope detection and analysis in life science, pharmaceutical and nuclear medicine research applications. As an expansion of its involvement in nuclear medicine, Bioscan now provides a variety of automated synthesis modules for the production of PET (F-18 & C-11) radiopharmaceuticals. Our analytical instruments provide solutions to both chemical purity and quality control in many applications involving radio-TLC, radio-HPLC, and isotope detection.