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P: Pilot Fermentor
The pilot-scale fermentor for production perfection: Our largest off-the-shelve fermentor, in-situ sterilizable for use in ...

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LP: Laboratory or Production Fermen...
The perfect link between laboratory and production: Designed for scale-up or production processes User-friendly and op...

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Inversina Tumber Mixer: 50L-350L
High-performance mixer for larger production-based tasks: The 50 Liter and above stand-alone version solves difficult mixing tasks a...

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L1523: Classic Laboratory Fermentor
The classically designed, yet never duplicated laboratory fermentor: Universally designed for a wide-range of applications with low...

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Inversina Tumbler Mixer: 20L
High-performance mixer for laboratory or production-based tasks: The 20 Liter stand-alone version solves difficult mixing tasks at l...

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BiOENGiNEERiNG: Bioreactors, Fermentors and BiO-CoMPONENTS

BiOENGiNEERiNG manufactures the highest quality bioreactors, fermentors, and components (drives, mixers, valves, etc.) available for any applicable need or industry. Covering laboratory-scale to production-scale efforts, our bioreactors and fermentors work with any host organism, any cultivation process, and will help you achieve the most accurately consistent results to guarantee success.

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