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AbsoluteIDQ® p180 Kit
The AbsoluteIDQ p180 Kit enables standardized, quantitative and reproducible analysis of ca. 200 endogenous metabolites from seve...

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AbsoluteIDQ® p150 Kit
The AbsoluteIDQ p150 Kit identifies and quantifies 163 analytes from 4 compound classes, i.e., acyl carnitines, amino acids...

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AbsoluteIDQ® Stero17 Kit
AbsoluteIDQ® Stero17 Kit offers a unique experience in standardized, quantitative steroid hormone detection by simultaneously analyzing (mu...

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Metabolic Phenotyping Services
Through these Metabolic Phenotyping Services we can help you to identify relevant metabolic biomarkers, accelerate your understanding of b...

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AbsoluteIDQ® Steroid reagents
Steroid Analysis – QUICK and EASY: BIOCRATES AbsoluteIDQ® Steroid reagents enable up to 17 steroids from human serum to be quantified ...

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Company Profile

BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG offers unique solutions for targeted, quantitative and quality-controlled metabolic phenotyping ("Deep Phenotyping"). Our mass spectrometry-based assays are marked by unprecedented accuracy and precision, thus providing a comprehensive and predictive understanding of phenotypes and metabolic pathways. Our metabolomics solutions set a new level of standardized data processing, exchange, and storage, which can readily meet the rigorous demands of various disciplines such as life sciences, personalized medicine, clinical research, nutrition research, and pharmaceutical drug development. Individualized lab services offer metabolic pathway analysis for more than 630 analytes.