Bertin Technologies

Bertin Technologies is a world-wide company which provides a wide offer of expertise in the fields of Pharmaceutics and Life Sciences.

With a global expertise in Life Sciences, the company offers a full range of Laboratory equipment with tree different ranges designed for biological sample preparation (Precellys®), air contamination control (Coriolis®) and medical waste management (Sterilwave®)

Bertin Technologies has a vast network of 50 distributors worldwide and headquartered in France and offices in Maryland, USA in order to quickly meet all the customers’ requests.

Precellys® is a range of robust tissue homogenizers for grinding tissues and lysing cells prior to DNA, RNA and proteins extraction. Precellys® uses the bead-beating technology to optimize sample preparation with fast and sensitive biological results.

Coriolis® is a range of biological air samplers for air contamination control. The Coriolis® technology gives access to rapid microbiology methods (RMM) and to rapid and sensitive type of analyses, especially in the case of specific pathogens monitoring.
Sterilwave is an innovative onsite solution for bio hazardous waste (BHW) management! Eco-friendly and easy-to-use, the Sterilwave systems are installed directly in healthcare units.