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Analytical Grade Type I DI System
Analytical Grade Type I DI System with Built-in RO Pre-Treatment The 10-LPH reverse osmosis portion of this system reduces op...

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Type I Water Systems
Our complete line of Type I water purification systems includes systems that will produce basic Type I Analytical Grade water up t...

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Compact Reverse Osmosis plus Deioni...
Our line of "RODI" Systems combines two technologies conveniently into one system.  These systems are designed to accept tap water, and the...

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Aqua Solutions offers high quality, well-manufactured water purification systems that operate with a lower cost of ownership than competitor's models.  Our systems also have higher flow rates and 2-10 times the amount of ion exchange capacity than other systems.  Aqua Solutions is also the only manufacturer that completes a full wet test of every system before it ships.  We stand behind our product by including a 2-YEAR Manufacturer’s Warranty for all Type I and Reverse Osmosis systems.

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