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Company Profile

Analytik Jena - Growing intuitively

With a finely tuned intuition for markets, customer needs, situations, and opportunities, Analytik Jena has developed in just 20 years into an internationally leading provider of analytical, bioanalytical, and optical technologies. The Company’s success relies on a sustainable strategy of taking full advantage of the innovative energy of a traditional location while recognizing the growth potential of international markets.

A consistent corporate strategy with a balanced business model

Analytik Jena’s lasting success springs from the triad of the Analytical Instrumentation, Life Science and Optics business units. Analytik Jena has a broadly diversified portfolio which extends from traditional analysis technology to bioanalytical measuring systems and high-end optical consumer products. Along with comprehensive laboratory software solutions, the Company’s broad product range consists of elaborate service programs and device-specific consumables for laboratories. Analytik Jena’s high quality standards ensure precise analysis with an emphasis on efficiency and durability. This motto underscores Analytik Jena’s ambition to demonstrate its technological leadership in a dynamically growing and constantly changing market.

Moving upward in a growth market by integrating knowledge

By pressing ahead with the expansion of the Life Science business unit since 2005, Analytik Jena has been able to establish itself as a recognized system provider in this growth market. Innovations from Thuringia make rapid DNA/RNA purification just as possible as the detection of disease pathogens or biological hazardous materials. In the process, the still-young business unit is benefiting from Analytik Jena’s extensive knowledge of traditional analysis techniques. The Company’s skill in optics, sensors, and microsystems technology is being combined with its expertise in biotechnology, and the resulting synergies are being exploited productively. Analytik Jena’s knowledge edge in the area of Life Science products has been reinforced in recent years by the targeted integration of specialized companies, such as AJ Roboscreen, AJ Cybertron, AJ Innuscreen and AJ eBiochip.
In February 2009, the Company acquired a majority stake in the exchange-listed CyBio AG and assumed control of Biometra GmbH in May. Both strategic measures underscore the corporate philosophy that has been observed repeatedly in the past 20 years: CyBio and Biometra do expand the product range and sales network in the Life Science business unit sustainably.

Life Science Product Portfolio:

Reagents, DNA/RNA Isolation/Purification, rapidPCR, Kits for molecular Diagnostic, qPCR, endpoint PCR, ELISA, Instruments, Biomolecular Interaction analysis, sample preparation, Thermal cycler, Spectrophotometer, Liquid Handling, Magnet particle based DNA/RNA Isolation, Lab automation, Electrical Biochips, Plastic, PCR, consumables, Biochips, Cartridge systems, Micro fluidic cells, CHIPCUVETTE, LIMS Labor Information and Management System Software, OEM components, Laborautomation

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