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Company Profile

Anachem Ltd is the UK & Ireland’s leading laboratory liquid handling specialist with over 40 years experience in this field. We have built up many years of expertise in pipetting technical support, service and calibration, customer service, distribution and e-commerce to supply scientists with the best support for all their pipetting needs.

We supply scientific labs across many industries and support scientists in major pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, technology, clinical, food processing and consumer product companies, universities and research institutes, governmental agencies and environmental testing organizations.
Our Mission is to provide our customers with scientific laboratory supplies that improve the quality of their results, provide time and cost savings and increase efficiency. In addition we strive to source, develop and supply products that improve laboratory safety and ergonomics and minimise the impact on our environment.

Anachem distributes an extensive range of pipettes and tips from leading manufacturers and our own brands, plus quality consumables including microtubes, racks, plates, PCR plastics and molecular biology reagents to provide essential tools across a range of laboratories.

Our UKAS Accredited Pipette Service provides the best service and calibration support. This ensures our customers pipettes are maintained to the highest standards ensuring the quality of their research is not compromised.

Anachem Ltd. is very proud to have become part of METTLER TOLEDO International Inc. in January 2010, its fortieth anniversary year.

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