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Chemical Building Blocks  
ChemBridge Corporation

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Our non-exclusive building block collection, consisting of over 12,000 products, has been developed to support advanced combinatorial lead generation, hit-to-lead, lead optimization and...
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Closed Barrel - simple storage for dried solvents  
Merck Millipore

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SeccoSolv dried solvents in new, fully sealed barrel system. No adapters needed. How can we make it better? At Merck we’re always striving to make our products safer, easier and more...
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High Purity Acids  

4 out of 5

GFS Chemicals, Inc.

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By using specially designed stills, GFS were able to provide the highest quality acid available, containing virtually no trace contaminants whatsoever. Ongoing refinements to the acid...
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  • Value for money 4 out of 5

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