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AXIA™ Prepacked Preparative HPLC Columns  

AXIA PREPARATIVE CHROMATOGRAPHY COLUMNS Innovative Packing and Hardware Technology Axia columns are packed in a single axial compression step. This eliminates any decompression or...
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Markers & Restriction Enzymes   

Glogos II Autorad Markers Illuminator Chemiluminescent Detection Kb DNA Ladder Lambda/Hind III - Phi-X174/Hae III Marker Phi-X174/Hae III Marker Phi-X174/Hinf I Marker Restriction...
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FlashMaster™ Solo  

Purify more organic compounds per week with the single-column - FlashMaster Solo automated chromatography system. •  A programmable four-solvent management system performs...
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Purification Consumables  

Purification Consumables and Custom Products. We understand that your purification challenges are unique. That’s why we offer you a variety of options to help you solve them. Whether you...
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Pre-packed Flash Cartridges SiliaSep™  

Fast, reliable & selective. Add these features to a top grade silica gel and you will find a pre-packed flash cartridge that will allow you to achieve great peak resolutions time and...
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