Application Note: CHROMABOND® FLASH RS cartridges
26 February 2009

MACHEREY NAGEL, the manufacturer of NUCLEOSIL® and NUCLEODUR® and a leading European SPE and FLASH manufacturer offers a new and complete program of “ready to use” FLASH cartridges for the ISCO Companion®, or alternative, as “stand alone” version for other pump/detector combinations, i.e. from Biotage®, Büchi® etc.

Key Features:
- A complete program of cartridges from 4 g to 1600 g sorbent from one of the leading companies in silica and TLC business
-> for easy work and reliable upscaling

- 100% compatibility with ISCO® Companion® machines
-> failure free performance

- Considerable program of different phases and modifications (C18, C8, NH2, CN, OH, Alox, ..…) in the cartridges and on TLC plates
-> increases flexibility

- Convenient prices, short delivery times
-> saves time and money

- High pressure stability (15 bar/220 psi)

- Excellent separation efficiency

- Good reproducibility
-> increases analytical safety