Application Note: Hot air sterilization at 180°C – an internationally recognized and validated method to eliminate microbial contamination in CO2-incubators
29 October 2007

Microbial contamination, caused by bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses, mycetozoa, yeast or other microorganisms, frequently presents a major risk in cell culture experiments.

Cell cultivation is a highly sensitive process, where a single germ can destroy weeks of work. Real sterilization is the only way to safely eliminate this risk. With hot air sterilization at 180°C, BINDER's CO2-incubators solve this problem, to ensure full compliance with all international guidelines and directives in pharmacopeias, from DIN to ADA. BINDER incubators offer an easy overnight sterilization cycle that requires no extra work, such as the removal of interior fittings. This also eliminates additional maintenance costs for lamps, filters, or other spare parts.