Application Note: Battery Cycling: Isothermal Calorimetry for Advanced Battery Testing
1 Sep 2011

This application note concerns the isothermal calorimetry for advanced battery testing. Lithium Ion is becoming the technology choice for HEV, PHEV, and it is important to understand how the individual cells and packs will behave in a variety of scenarios. One of the main drawbacks for Lithium Ion cell technology is the potential for thermal runaway. Heat management of these large battery packs requires data on the heat output of the individual cells during normal operation. This information can be readily obtained using isothermal calorimetry. The testing was conducted using the NETZSCH ARC® 254-system equipped with the battery cycler interface kit and the 18650 VariPhi™ sensor, a commercially available Lithium Ion (18650) cell was used to gauge the performance of the system.