SelectScience Special Features

The SelectScience Editors are pleased to announce a series of major features, focusing on important topics in laboratory science, and featuring leading laboratories in the industry. Manufacturers are invited to sponsor these unique features with placement of user videos, application information, banner advertising, webinar speakers and more. Sponsorship provides:

Extensive brand awareness
Lead generation and website traffic
Market intelligence
Video production

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Previous Features

  1. Cancer Research
    (May-July 2013):

    A three-month report on the innovations in research and techniques across all disciplines of Cancer Research. Reach out to the SelectScience membership of over 70,000 leading Cancer and Life Scientists worldwide in an online, topical and engaging format.

  2. Environmental Science (April-June 2013)

    A three-month report on the latest methods, techniques and hot topics in environmental science. This opportunity will enable you to reach out to over 20,000 leading environmental scientists worldwide in an online, topical and engaging format.

  3. Food and Beverage Science:

    This three-month feature focused on all aspects of food analysis and testing, with interviews at leading food contract research laboratories, universities and government institutes.

  4. Olympics Special:

    The SelectScience Editors were exclusively invited to the London 2012 Anti-Doping Testing Labs to film interviews with Prof. David Cowan and his team.

  5. Brazil (October – November 2013):

    A two-month report on the innovative science, current challenges and future opportunities in this emerging market. The Brazil editorial feature is one of the most hotly anticipated features in our editorial calendar. Over 220,000 SelectScience members worldwide are eagerly awaiting the publication of this topical report, including 15,000 scientists in Latin America.

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  6. Global Food Fraud and Safety

    This nine-week special report features exclusive interviews with leading scientists from around the world about the increasingly serious issue of food fraud and adulteration. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this ground-breaking feature.

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  7. The Science Behind the FIFA World Cup

    We’ll all be glued to the action on the pitch, but what’s the science behind the world’s biggest soccer tournament? Featuring exclusive interviews with the FIFA Chief Medical Officer and key scientists from around the world, the feature will explore player health, fitness, nutrition and performance, culminating with a world-first experiment to discover whether scientific techniques can accurately predict the outcome of a match. Make sure you’re a part of this global event.

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For information on packages please contact the SelectScience team today.