Market Research Survey Guidelines

Receive independent, unbiased marketing intelligence.

Each survey includes:
  • An incentive prize for respondents (up to US $500 value)
  • A detailed report
  • Production and delivery
Submit your suggested survey questions for editorial review at least three weeks before the send date and please confirm the purpose of the survey, such as: brand awareness, new product/market research etc.

Our editorial team will review your questions and provide editorial feedback to optimize the response to your survey. You will receive a preview of your survey approximately two weeks prior to the send date.

Please take into account the following when writing your survey questions:
  • We recommend a maximum of 12 questions.
  • Since surveys are sent impartially from SelectScience the survey should not focus on just your product range.
  • Please specify whether questions are single or multiple answer and if they are compulsory.
  • SelectScience reserves the right to add questions, such as an optional product review question.
SelectScience will also discuss with you ideas for a prize incentive for respondents of the survey.

You will receive a proof of your survey approximately one week prior to the survey send date and your results approximately one week after the survey closes.

NB. As some scientists opt out of passing details on to third party companies these will be listed with the company name and country, but no further personal details. Due to this, SelectScience must contact and notify the prize winner of any competition directly. If you contact leads about your technology please remember this is a SelectScience survey, and so we ask that you do not reference SelectScience. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

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Image submissions: Any images supplied for publication must have a license for usage on SelectScience. Any liabilities arising from the incorrect use of an image supplied to and published on SelectScience will be passed on to the provider and/or their agent. In the event of improper usage of a supplied image, SelectScience will charge an administration fee to the image provider and/or their agent.

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